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Welcome to Iowa Barn Savers... we sell you wood without having to kill a tree!!!

The name really states what we do ...SAVE BARNS ...we do our best to find these historic barns and match them up with a new owners and in the process preserve a slice of history and the fine old-world craftsmanship that they were created with.  In addition, we help save our environment.    

Located in Northeast Iowa - the heart of United States farming, many antique barns sit idle.  Often, the land owner has several farms and that particular barn is located on a distant property or is too small to use.  We locate, inspect and dismantle these rural landmarks and work with you to transport them to their new homes. These time-tested, hand-crafted structures can then be the heart and soul of your new home or business.  Take a look at the barns and materials we currently have available

Some structures are just too far gone to fix...for those, we work to take what is serviceable and provide it for your smaller jobs - maybe paneling that rustic cabin or cozy den.   We typically have quite a stock of reclaimed lumber - check out what we have in inventory.  Tell us what you need on our Comments Form. This antique lumber is prized by builders, hobbyists and architects for its strength and stability as well as for its weathered look.

Bookmark us and check back often - our inventory changes frequently.  We'll be working on getting our past project photos up on our web page - you'll be amazed at the beautiful results that can be achieved with one of our barns - they truly are gems in the rough. 

Why we do what we do??:

bullet Satisfaction - it's greatly satisfying to be able to save these wonderful structures from certain destruction
bullet Environment - less being discarded in our land fills; saving trees and wood for future generations
bullet Quality: these structures and the reclaimed wood are strong, stable and truly... they just don't make 'em like these any more
bullet History:  These structures are also a slice of our American History that can be preserved

We're registered with Green Building Pages; a web database of resources for the environmentally and socially responsible designer, builder and client                         

Contact Information

Iowa Barn Savers Owner: Dan Schmitt
Telephone: 563-252-3541; Cell phone: 563-880-4627
Postal address: P.O. Box 501, Guttenberg IA (USA) 52052
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